Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Inspiration by a tattoo

One afternoon I was sitting at the beach reading and writing about the direction and goals of my jewelry business. A woman was sitting 10 ft in front of me with her shoulder exposed that revealed a tattoo. I've never had a deep burning desire to get a tattoo myself, but when I saw this sweet and simple pink paisley inked on her shoulder my creative mind went in a hundred directions immediately. I spoke with her for a few minutes and took a snap shot. The following 2 months I bought a handful of unique beads with paisley print and was gifted many paisley items from friends who respected my new love of the design.

Inspiration comes from anywhere and it presents the opportunity to connect with others if you spot something they're sporting that you're drawn to. When I speak with people and tell them I've been inspired by something they're wearing or have on their person I ask to take their picture and post it on my blog as an inspiration piece. This draws traffic that may have never been before, and more often then not they drive more traffic to my site by sharing their unique experience with friends and family.

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