Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"The Fluff of Clouds"

Today's forecast calls for beautiful! I worked on this necklace for over a month. My parents accompanied me on a special trip to a local bead warehouse when I purchased the beads for this necklace. My dad has been the color blue's number #1 fan, and I've become a fan as well.

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This dreamy cluster of iridescent whites and blues reminds me of a peaceful afternoon looking up at the clouds or sitting by the water watching the waves roll in and out.

Priest Lake, Idaho - Photo taken by my mother
Her and I both share this as our favorite place on earth

A definite statement piece, you can dress it up or down. I'm a big fan of wearing a basic jeans-and-tee combo and throwing on jewelry with a lot of glamour. During the creation process I also pictured a variety of wedding attendants displaying this piece: a sister of the groom, mother of the bride, or bride herself.

I wire wrapped each bead and pearl. These types of elaborate necklaces remind me of the patience that I've gained over the years. Wire wrapping pieces individually seems tedious at times, but I find it meditative to sit in stillness while imagining who might be the owner each necklace. I'd like to say that each piece of jewelry is made with love, but it's really much more then that. A lot of creativity, time, energy, and attention to detail goes into all my jewelry. I want every woman to feel beautiful and I want to make it easy for her to fall in love with jewelry so the moment she puts it on it transforms and elevates the experience of her own beauty. If she cares for herself then of course I care enough to invest my love and time into the jewelry.

Something blue?

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