Monday, October 3, 2011

"Beautiful Mess"

I'm 1/16 Cherokee which I know is not much, but I've always been drawn to the art and history of the Cherokee people. Back in July, I was on the hunt for images of native women to be inspired by and model my company design after. In the process I came across a photo of a beautiful headdress that I'll be recreating for my Halloween costume this year.

I was also inspired to create a modern piece that resembled strength, delicacy, and a warrior like feel. I began with simple chains, silver plated feather charms, and turquoise beads. To keep true to my repurpose-as-much-as-possible roots I've always kept a tiny drawer of scraps that consist of chain, wire, gently used sections of other jewelry pieces, and different metals. Once I created the foundation for the necklace I began adding from with leftover chains.

Overall the piece finally came together and when worn it lays somewhat heavy like a metal bib. The different textures against the collar bones and chest feel incredible and bring an awareness to the body and breathing that normally goes unnoticed. This was my first "wild" piece and one I'll forever be fond of.

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