Friday, February 24, 2012

Etsy Feedback

"I just got my first order from Nomadic Fashion Jewelry and I am absolutely HOOKED!!! LOVE MY NOMADIC FASHION JEWELRY!!!"
Lisa, Deer Park, Washington

"I bought a pair of these a couple weeks ago and loved them, unfortunately I lost one in O'hare airport on Friday so am back!"
Repeat customer, Brenda, Kingwood, Texas

Nomadic Fashion Business Experts Profile

Sarah Westergren
Nomadic Fashion
Seeking that perfect gift? Need that just right wedding party accessory?  Finding the right piece of jewelry or fashion accessory can take forever or you can have it custom made today.  Custom made jewelry will add a special touch to any ensemble or special occasion. You can pick something from an existing collection or you can have a consult with a leading craftsman and have your vision turned into a fashionable piece of forever art that will make your day complete.

About Sarah Westergren
Sarah Westergren has been designing jewelry and fashionable accessories for over 17 years. Sarah designs the jewelry and accessory line for her line Nomadic Fashion. Nomadic Fashion has many jewelry items available such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, hair pieces, for wedding and bridal parties, and any special occasion. With her innate ability to visualize what her client wants, she creates unique pieces of artistic jewelry using new, repurposed, and sustainable materials. Nothing goes to waste in this studio.
Sarah spent years traveling the world spending time in Costa Rica. The time she spent traveling exposed her to various cultures that convey into her artistic pieces making your custom jewelry a piece of art. Each piece of jewelry is an original design and often one of kind, however sets can be prepared for bridal. She has designed for 7 different weddings by customizing it to meet the brides vision. Sarah is a giver in her community by donating time and materials to make her little corner of her world more green. Also, 10% of all Nomadic Fashion profits are donated to charities including charity: water at

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Men's feedback for Nomadic Fashion

Nomadic Fashion's designer Sarah can most likely peg your girlfriend's style better than you can.

Sarah's method is to get a sense of your girlfriend's style by looking at several photo's of your lovely lady & then design something uniquely for her that naturally enhances her beauty with a piece that she can wear every day The success rate is 100%!

It's so easy for you, because you don't have to go shopping! 

Hard to believe? See what these guys have to say below!
"She absolutely loved them. I showed them to my mom and one of her friends as well. Thanks again, great job!" 
Jordan, San Diego, CA

"It was awesome... her words were,'Its like it was made for me... its perfect and I wouldnt change a thing about it!' I think its a killer necklace and sexy too as the necklace kind of falls into her cleavage (which she likes too!) and makes it sparkle! She also said it was like the necklace was made for me... which of course it was. So you nailed it with that part too!"
Jason, San Diego, CA 

So Mr. Romantic, the first step starts with you: Name the price, the type of jewelry you would like (necklace, earrings, bracelet), and provide a few photo's of your leading lady, and in only a few days you'll have a gift to WOW your girl. 

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A Bride's feedback for Nomadic Fashion

"Nomadic Fashions completed my wedding, and were instrumental in achieving my “Vintage” theme. I worked with Sarah to design a line that would fit both the overall theme and personality of my large bridal party. I wanted my bridesmaids to be cohesive without being identical, and have a current style while maintaining the classic ideals of a vintage inspired time. We sat down with a glass of wine, and Sarah came up with an amazing concept, I entrusted her with all 7 of my girl’s jewelry and was so extremely pleased with the end result. Each necklace was designed with each girl’s personality in mind, and each bead, pearl and strand was specifically handpicked for each bracelet and necklace. I couldn’t have asked to work with a more wonderfully talented lady, and would refer her to any friend who is undergoing the sometimes-daunting task of planning a wedding. If you want custom pieces, for any occasion, Nomadic Fashions is your dream designer. I believe quality is in the details, and Sarah goes a step above that, and pours her loving heart and soul into her piece."  Brittany, San Diego, CA