Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More Nomadic Fashion Jewelry pieces to shop, shop, shop!


Feedback from another happy customer in Texas!

I am SO pleased with the lovely piece I ordered from NF. 

The pictures posted here, on Etsy, were certainly beautiful...however, after (QUICKLY) receiving my necklace, I was incredibly impressed by the sturdy craftsmanship of my new lovely piece! As I placed it on my neck, I felt empowered with beauty and strength!

THANK YOU Nomadic Fashion for the BEAUTIFUL necklace and shipping it so quickly!

Your lifetime customer

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do you know where your jewelry has been?

As a young girl, I knew that beauty existed in the details; subtle touches amplified the magic of apparel and fashion. As a designer, I bring that same magic to every step of my process, including the way I ship orders to my customers.

Very few, if any, of my customers know that their statement necklace, droplet earrings, or personally designed cuff makes it to the post office by way of the beach. That’s right, I mount my powder-blue (and slightly rusted) refurbished antique Schwinn beach cruiser and pedal my way along the shore of the Pacific Ocean. My adorable beach cruiser was made for the “boardwalk-highway” style commuting, but its utility in the shipping process was not always the case.

For several years I had journaled about leaving my desk job in corporate America, living by the beach, waking up whenever I chose, walking the dog with coffee in hand, and designing for hours on end. I am now living every bit of that dream. One of the unanticipated perks of doing what I love is riding my bike along the beach, every day.

For every jewelry order that is placed and shipped, it takes a 1.3 mile ride along Southern California’s boardwalk in Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. I, might I say amusingly, guarantee that each shipment is sprinkled with the ocean air prior to being placed in the hands of the United States Postal Service to then make its way to its new owner. How many people can say that of their jewelry? I like to think that there is something magical about my designs as it is, and this element of the shipping process sure puts the cherry on top. It's one last joy ride with my designs before they're delivered to someone else who will cherish them!

There are so many upsides to this way of sending orders, and one upside hard to ignore is that this method is a “green” way of shipping; I don’t get in my car, there are no emissions, and I am saving oil and fuel. However, that was not my original intention. I consider myself to be naturally economically friendly, that has been a part of my creative process since day one. I often upcycle used pieces from jewelry that was either given to me by friends or purchased inexpensively. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that I also get to be earth friendly in so many steps of the design and sell process. Doing so allows me to pass the savings on to my customers. 

Dreams do come true, and when they do, they’re good for the soul and the earth.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Ride, Sarah, Ride

A ride down the boardwalk to drop off a few jewelry orders at the post office, and my brother captured a wonderful moment.

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