Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Bride's feedback for Nomadic Fashion

"Nomadic Fashions completed my wedding, and were instrumental in achieving my “Vintage” theme. I worked with Sarah to design a line that would fit both the overall theme and personality of my large bridal party. I wanted my bridesmaids to be cohesive without being identical, and have a current style while maintaining the classic ideals of a vintage inspired time. We sat down with a glass of wine, and Sarah came up with an amazing concept, I entrusted her with all 7 of my girl’s jewelry and was so extremely pleased with the end result. Each necklace was designed with each girl’s personality in mind, and each bead, pearl and strand was specifically handpicked for each bracelet and necklace. I couldn’t have asked to work with a more wonderfully talented lady, and would refer her to any friend who is undergoing the sometimes-daunting task of planning a wedding. If you want custom pieces, for any occasion, Nomadic Fashions is your dream designer. I believe quality is in the details, and Sarah goes a step above that, and pours her loving heart and soul into her piece."  Brittany, San Diego, CA

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