Monday, July 25, 2011

Nomadic Fashions Vision & Future

The Course:
As Nomadic Fashions has grown and redefined it’s wandering self, a common thread has emerged that foretells the future navigation of Nomadic Fashion’s jewelry: a blend of cultures, women, and the earth.

Our goal is to have at least one piece that stands out to every woman that has them say “that is absolutely me” and is the same piece they can wear at a business conference or a night out with the girls.

The Nomadic Fashions Woman:
Nomadic’s pieces are designed for the free-spirited traveling, powerful professional woman. In tune with her own beauty and the universe that surrounds her, she shine’s in the limelight and blooms in the background. Nomadic’s woman doesn’t work hard, she lives confidently, passionately, and powerfully. Pursuing what her nourishing and tender heart desires one moment while fiercely navigating life’s adventures. She can be found paddling solo through mountain lake thoroughfares, demanding attention of colleagues, scaling the holds of El Capitan, or negotiating overseas deals. Equally as soft, she finds solace while reading at the shore of her favorite beach, playing with her sister’s children, having a spa day with her bestie, or volunteering in her local community. To sum it up she’s a playful-powerhouse.

With each piece all components are handpicked and hand crafted from start to finish. Each piece is a statement, whether big or small, which speaks directly to the essence of each woman.

The world exists as an artist’s pallet to designer and creator of Nomadic Fashions, Sarah Westergren. The pallet of colors she draws from consist of, fashion, weather, travel, moods, culture, and experiences. Originally finding a deep well of inspiration from her friend’s styles, neighboring gardens, San Diego beaches, architecture, and the open road, Sarah has dreamt of empowering woman globally while travelling and experiencing countless cultures and creating designs that speak uniquely to the heritage of each woman’s heart.

About the designer:
The designer herself, in love with life, passionate, and a seer of individual’s styles, is a master of creating pieces on demand, whether it is a unique gift or for a client’s special evening. To best describe the designer she is much like the woman she creates for, a poetic, romantic, powerhouse, and wanderlust, out to conquer life’s adventures.

Sarah’s life purpose, inside and outside of her beloved Nomadic Fashions, is to see others fulfill on their passion. Always one who has believed work doesn’t need to be a job, she communicates that one’s work should be a direct expression of self. She trusts in the power of being authentic, building relationships, and always pursuing a dream.

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