Thursday, April 21, 2011

Behind Nomadic Fashions

Nomadic Fashions was a company I created 2 years ago. I reached a proverbial fork in the road in my life when I decided to leave my hometown and face my fears of leaving the familiar. I set out to hit the road and take pictures of stylish women and men along the way. Once I reached my destination in southern California, my plan was to launch my business in the creative fashion industry.

Through 2 years of playing music, becoming a vegetarian, dating, writing, living next to the beach, and spending many nights alone, the dream never died; I just had yet to fulfill it.

I knew there was something that I could do that made me light up. One night, as I was pampering myself with a spa night I said aloud while looking towards the sky, “I know  its right in front of my face. Show me what it is!” 

I invited the possibility into my life, and it opened my eyes to multiple creative possibilities. Two weeks later I decided to design 5 jewelry lines from the style inspiration of 5 women I admire:

Melina Line: sweet, feminine, young, whimsical, bright, sprite and playful 
Tamara Line: natural, using woods and stones of the earth 
Courtney Line: bold, fashionable, and what I call “modern disco” – it sparkles!
Stephanie Line: classic, nautical, soft and simple  
Brittny Line: bubbly, colorful, fun and flirty 

Melina reminds me of a refreshing glass of citrus in the late spring. She’s colorful, vibrant, and poses a playful smile. Selecting the color and the beads came easy, but pinning down the style of this playful-one was not an easy task. Fun and flirty says it all! The pieces make just as much of a statement as her brightness of spirit! This line will eventually feature glitter wands and pinwheels much like the ones guilty of hypnotizing children for hours on end.
Friends of inspiration: Alanna Peters

Tamara loves the outdoors like no one I’ve ever known. As a young girl she grew up in Julian, California, a back country town in Southern California known for its apple pies. She’s a mountain girl at heart who has a passion for moving her body to the sounds of Latin American music to skipping over the forest floor. Tamara is in love with the earth and the life it blesses us with and she makes it a point to treat it with kindness. Selecting the pieces for the Tamara line was simple: I used stones because of the joy she’s always felt from running as fast as she could over the tops of boulders near her childhood home, and varying wood pieces that represent the strength of the woods and mountain forests. This line is simple and to the point: it’s beautiful.
Friends of inspiration: Keziah Benson

Courtney is a bold, shimmering, confident woman who makes a statement with doing little. Her eyes sparkle and her laugh is contagious. As a young woman, she went against all odds with ambition and the partnership with her resilient mother. Courtney eventually landed a position and danced with the Russian ballet for 3 years. Courtney’s line is just like her: bold, a statement, and drenched in elegance. She’s a one of her kind, and so are many of the pieces in the Courtney line.
Friends of inspiration: Leticia Papenfuss

Stephanie line – it was as easy as a passing conversation with my friend and go-to-for-classic-style-inspiration-girl, Stephanie. With a nautical influence, it’s hard for me not to imagine Stephanie sitting port-side on a boat while holding a glass of sparkling water and looking as fabulous as always. The line displays small touches inspired by the deep blue ocean from the Pacific to the aquas of Bali. You’ll see stripes and blues appear sporadically throughout the line; much like forbidden treasure, the pieces are few and far between, be sure to snag them while you can. Stephanie sports classic style 100% of the time. She has a style that is liken to Audrey Hepburn sleek and simple style. She’s of a small and delicate frame that displays all that she wear’s beautifully. Her deep brown eyes and golden olive colored skin make the perfect pallet for neutral colors: creams, browns, tans, gold’s, silvers, and splashes of bright bold turquoise and deep-sea blues. I loved every minute of designing the Stephanie line.
Friends of inspiration: Lauren Hoffmaster

Brittny is a lightning bolt of joy. She influences you with the strike of her words and lightness of laughter. She’s a whirlwind to be with and a light you’ll never want to leave your side. Brittny’s line is inspired by the unique feminine dresses she wears. I’ve always thought if a rainbow-colored champagne existed it would be Brittny’s signature drink. Her mother and her equally reciprocate their adore for one another and the sport of shopping. Brittny shares fond stories of her mother outfitting her with pieces she’d never had thought to try on. You could also say that Brittny’s mom is part of this collection, afterall she is a well known LA art dealer and knows a thing or two about design. *wink*
Brittny’s line is colorful and magical; one that is a magnet for the stand alone pieces you’ll gravitate towards to spice up your simple everyday jeans and T. As I have fallen in love with my dear friend Brittny, you’ll fall in love with the jewelry you’ll never want to part with.
Friends of inspiration: Jackie Estes

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