Monday, June 4, 2012

Sarah's Philosophy for Nomadic Fashion - The "Why" I do what I do, and love it!

This is me (second from the left) pictured with my jewelry models
during Nomadic Fashion's first professional photo shoot.
March 2012. Photo Credit: I Against I Photography
It took me nearly 25 years to fully embrace my love of fashion. Growing up with three brothers and a father with a military background had left little room for dresses and ruffles; instead I was building forts and jumping table tops on my dirt bike. After more than 2 decades, I fully embraced my excitement and joy to enhance my style, embrace femininity, and express myself through my love of colors and textures. I’m no longer afraid of wearing a dress, wearing a belt around my waist, and showing off my curves!

Me (9 years old) with 2 of my brothers,
and our garage full of dirt bikes.
One of my favorite things to do is dress up: curling my hair, bronzing my cheekbones, applying fake eye lashes, slipping on my heals with a form flattering dress, and then adding my favorite pieces of jewelry as the “cherry on top.” There is something about the process of getting ready for the day or an event that empowers me. It’s like I am watching my beauty fully blossom and I see my true self emerge. Enhancing the outside somehow has my inner beauty shine through strong, powerfully, and effortlessly. I believe that every woman has access to that same experience and confidence no matter their size or state of mind. I want every woman to know how to access that same confidence, and know themselves as capable warriors and princesses at the same time. Designing jewelry and creating fashionable pieces enables me to do that daily. Nothing moves me like watching women light up when they see a piece they adore.

Fashion, style, image, or whatever you want to refer to it as, are only labels – I believe what you wear should make you feel great, alive, free, and powerful!!

Express who you are, always.

More info about Nomadic Fashion:
All jewelry is locally produced and handmade in San Diego, CA
Materials are purchased mainly in San Diego, CA & Portland, OR
10% of all sales go to charity: water
I'm living my dream, and I believe every one can too!

For questions or to book an at-home-jewelry-show in the San Diego area, email me at

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